Welcome To Tracy Scarpati Photography!

Hello readers and welcome to my website!

As an introductory blog post, I will share a little bit about myself, my goals, and my philosophy which allows me to help you capture any moment in your life.

A little about myself...

     Most people start off these sections with where they're from, but I can honestly not tell you that. All my life, I have moved roughly every four years. These moves have taken me to the northeastern states, North Carolina, and Singapore. Because of this, travel is highly integrated in my life. As often as I can, I combine my love of travel with my love of photography.
     I have always loved photography and having a camera in my hands, but my true photographic career started when I was a junior in high school. I have spent all of the years since then refining my craft and figuring out a way to make a living doing the one thing that I am undeniably passionate about. It took me a few years to figure it out, but due to my passion for love and my love of people, wedding and portrait photography was the only way for me to go!
     I spent four wonderful years in the mountains of North Carolina at Appalachian State University completeing my bachelor of science degree in technical photography. You might be wondering what 'technical' means in this case. Well, instead of looking mostly at finished images (which I did plenty of as well!), I was taught about the technical aspects of my camera, lenses, flashes and other light modifiers, post processing techniques, photographic business practices, studio photography, light meters, the properties of light and how they affect an image, and printing. Basically, instead of being taught about art, I was taught about the photographic industry and how to consistently create great photographs by having a firm understanding of my equipment.

My Goals...

     With my photography, I have always been drawn to the truth that they have the ability to show. I find this in the beauty of a freckle, the squint of someone's eyes as they're consumed with laughter, the veins of a flower that allow its life to be sustained. There is beauty in every person, place, and thing in this world and I intend to help all of my clients see that beauty in themselves and their moments. I hope to do this through senior portraits, boudoir photography, bridal portraits, event photography, family portraits, wedding photography, or any other photography needs that you may have.

My Philosophy...

     In my dealings with all of clients, I strive to put you at ease! My goal is that you interact naturally with me if we're doing single person portraits, or the other people in the shot if I am shooting a couple or a group. By creating this natural feeling, I can capture the truth of who you are.
     When shooting weddings, I prefer to be inconspicuous and to be part of the background. When it comes time for formal portraits, this obviously changes although I still prefer to capture how everyone interacts naturally compared to shooting just traditional, posed pictures. This is never very hard to do because the atmosphere is always intoxicatingly happy and it's nearly impossible for anyone to keep a sour face!


I hope this helped to shed some light on who I am and what my photography means to me, not to mention what I hope it can mean to you. I leave you with a quote that I fully believe in:

"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it."

I look forward to hearing from you all!

-Tracy Scarpati